2018 Wedding Investment Guide


My goal is to fall in love with each of my clients. To look for their unique strengths and beauty and to listen for what ignites their spirit. To find out who you are, and what matters to you. To talk to your family and friends and find out what they love about you, how you are unique to them, what they are most proud of you for, what has them love you. These are the lenses in which I want to see you through during your photographic experience.

I want to photograph you in a way that you look at yourself in these photographs and see your beauty, strength, passion and humor. 

I want to capture all the special moments between you and your loved ones, the split second where your father sheds one small tear, where your new husband or wife grabs your hand and kisses it when they think no one is looking, the silly look your best friend gives you, EVERY single moment, whether big or small. They all matter. I want to capture these moments in a way that you look back at them and know you are loved, and you cherish them forever.

I believe every moment, every portrait, and the way I photograph them matter. It tells a story and I want it to be beautiful and unique to you.

I can't wait to tell your story.