Exposed Advanced Workshop and RETREAT!


  • Exposed Workshop Next Level
  • Camera and one off camera flash (ask me for recommendations if you need to purchase one)
  • Gels (I highly recommend Magmod but any system will work - ask if you need more recommendations)

Is this workshop for me?

  • Are you a professional photographer committed to growth in your skills as both a photographer and a business owner?
  • Do you want your own photography business?

If you answered YES to any of those questions - this workshop is for you!

So what will we cover in this workshop?

  • My Toolbox - my go to strategies for when I get stuck or want something a little more creative
  • Advanced off camera flash - Positioning, Ratio's, Gels, Modifiers. We'll practice off camera flash extensively in multiple types of scenario's.
  • Seeing light and shadows
  • Business Practices (workflow for all clients) - From first phone call, meeting, setting up engagement shoots, wedding day timeline, client satisfaction
  • Assistant training
  • Natural Posing
  • Creative ( reflections, isolating light, gels, shooting through)
  • Lightroom + Photoshop more in depth
  • Life Coaching exercises - Having people be clear about their dreams and go after them is the purpose behind everything I do. We'll do a quite a few exercises to have you get clearer about what you want and leave inspired to create the life you want.

I want each person to walk away on fire about their life and career - having the tools to sustain it and have it grow. 

Ready to sign up?

Here's the details:

  • $1750 (Have a friend who would love this workshop? Share a room and pay $1450 each - total savings of $600)
  • 5 Days / 5 Nights
  • Lodging
  • Meals included (One prepared dinner, and supplies for breakfast and lunch each day)
  • Location
  • Date


If you would like to begin your registration or host a workshop in your area in the future - please fill out the form below

Thank you Garrett for making this behind the scenes video from our last workshop - Engagement mock shoot - day 1!