Last week I attended a 3-day Exposed lighting work shop with Elly’s Photography and it was AMAZING! Hands down the best workshop I’ve ever attended. I just photographed my first session since attending and the photos are my best yet! I am so excited to embark on this journey with my newly learned skills! Elly’s workshop was life altering leaving me with so much more than I ever expected. I highly recommend it to new AND seasoned photographers! ♡
— Tiffany Shrewsbury Hendrix
Elly’s workshop opened my eyes to a whole way to photograph. Since her workshop I have carried my lights with me to every wedding and shoot, something I would not have done before. I walk into it confident in my ability to produce stellar images. The connections and relationships made with the other photographers was an added bonus. Everyone was so welcoming and open. It was more than a workshop. Bonus: Lisa Nichols food was amazing!
— Autumn Joyner Hollifield
I’m terrible at writing reviews because I say things like “Best Workshop Ever!” but the thing is this workshop changed my life. My whole perspective has shifted and I’m excited about the future. Elizabeth Kinne knows her lighting and she’s an open book about her business. Even seasoned pros will learn something, but the atmosphere she creates at this workshop with Lisa Nichols is the reason you want to do this workshop. Seriously, what are you waiting for? I promise you won’t regret it. And the food was yummy too! :)
— Suzie Guerrant
I talked with Elizabeth Kinne about this workshop back in October of last year... At that time I was wanting to go with all I had inside of me, but I couldnt see how to make that happen for myself financially. We had a long conversation about what I really want and what was holding me back from getting just that. I kept arguing with myself about why I shouldn’t/ can’t attend (money issues/ stress of leaving my house for 3 days/ missing my family/ failing/ ect..) But after moving all of those things to the side and seeing what I really wanted.. I decided to take a stand for myself and commit to going. I had no clue how I was going to get the money. At All. But I kept being present to “I’m doing this, for me” however that had to happen. I started saving a little at a time, before I knew it, I had a quarter paid... then a half... then the whole. I worked hard, but most importantly I stood for ME and bettering myself. I found when you do that, the world starts working for YOU, and things... crazy, awesome things that you think would NEVER happen, happen. I stood for myself, stood for what I want and succeeded in just that. Thank you to EVERYONE involved. I got so much out of this workshop, more than photography skills... I made great relationships with everyone else there and most importantly, learned to continue the self love and great relationship I’m still developing with myself. I will be forever grateful for being Exposed.
— Sabrina Lee
I’m a pretty experienced user of flash (especially for receptions) but had gotten lazy in carrying lights for other sessions. Because of Elly, I rediscovered my love of the dramatic flair and was lightning quick in setting up this shot instead of bumbling around like I used to. Had I not gone to her workshop, this would have never happened as my flashes and stands would be in my car 400 meters away.
If you’re looking to learn flash for the first time, take this class! If you’re looking to hone your skills and rediscover what made you fall in love with your flashes, take this class! Elly answers any and all questions thrown at her with knowledge and humor and you WON’T be disappointed!
— Heather Rickelman
I just wanted to post one of the pictures I took at the last Exposed workshop and encourage those of you that get the chance to attend a future workshop to JUMP ON IT. I left after 3 days feeling like a new person, not only comfortable and confident in my use of light, but also mentally and emotionally refreshed. Elly is kind, giving and most importantly...a people person. She didn’t once back down from a question or a challenge to create a situation that can be troublesome when dealing with light. We ate amazing food (Yay Lisa Nichols!) and gained a great group of friends over three days of learning from Elly and from each other. The workshop is definitely going down as a favorite!!!!
— Amy Kolodziej
I had an amazing time at this workshop. Beyond getting to learn & experience new light techniques and building up my creative toolbox, I also learned some valuable lessons on how to really LISTEN to my clients and build lasting connections. I also got some great tips on how to focus better in my business. Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend, which I couldn’t have made without Elly’s help and inspiration! (See Elly’s Workshop News Page for photo examples)
— Beth Mann
I can’t thank Elizabeth Kinne enough for learning about gels at the Exposed workshop in March. I learned so much about how to improve my work, take it to the next level and look at things a little differently when photographing my clients. These are from the first wedding I had after the workshop. I was second shooting for a good friend/fellow photographer and these are a few of what I captured that day. Elly went over off camera flash, looking for natural light, combining the two, composition, posing, some editing in lightroom and a lot of great ways to communicate with your clients and really listen to them. She gave us the tools to create a better life with some of her life coaching techniques. This was one of the very best workshops I have ever taken. Thank you a million times lady!! <3
— Ann Pensiero-Norment

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